And in some way they are right. 4. If you don’t travel you reduce your carbon footprint associated with transportation… Transportation infrastructure should be expanded to accommodate rapidly growing transport … Instead it relies on renewable or … Motor vehicle emissions represent 31 percent of total carbon dioxide, 81 percent of carbon monoxide, and 49 percent of nitrogen oxides released in the U.S. Also according to the Nationwide Personal Transportation … While the implementation of demand-oriented policies and mechanisms are an important component in promoting sustainable transport, these measures can be more effective if coupled with transport supply improvements. Sustainable Transportation Image credit Inhabitat Transportation corridors and facilities are major components of the nation’s landscape and public realm. Integrating comprehensive transportation planning with natural systems analysis and land use planning is essential for creating livable communities in sustainable Emphasizes the contribution of sustainable, low-carbon and energyefficient modes of transport to climate change mitigation and adaptation and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,15 as well as the importance of long-term strategies and multi-stakeholder partnerships in delivering such sustainable modes of transport… Low-carbon transport … Did you know that as a society we are paying more for our cars than we realize? Moving toward sustainable transport will be a key part of that process: the transport sector already accounts for a quarter of energy-related emissions, and that number is poised to grow much higher over the next decade. Many would say that if you want to be sustainable, you should stop travelling at all. Development of sustainable is very important in every pattern especially in this century, so in the discussion of sustainable development is very important. This is why we need to switch to sustainable travel, to make sure that instead of destroying we preserve the places we visit. Sustainable Transport is sometimes known as Green Transport and it is any form of transport that does not use or rely on dwindling natural resources.

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