Their drivers are so ubiquitous that their style of dress, CB radio and character type have long since become a recognisable archetype in American culture. Get your big rig parked in the designated space without losing too much health to beat each level. Flash 72% 66,393 plays Monster Truck City Parking. Here you will find more truck games, bus games and parking games. Truck Parking > 18-Wheeler in Traffic Hot Games Shopping Mall Parking Parking Mania 2 Concert Parking Central Parking CSCS Parking Park in the Snow 18-Wheeler in Traffic Tweet Get Flash to play this game. All games and descriptions copyright © to their respective owners. Become a pro transporter in 18 Wheels Driver! Prison Bus Driver. Home; Car; Parking; Bike; Dirt Bike; Truck ; Shooting; Action; Sports; Arcade; MMO; Please wait, 18 Wheels Driver is loading . Drive your way through ten levels, testing your driving skills to the limit. You might also want to play the new free 18 Wheeler 2 game. Play Truck Parking Games @ The aim of the game is to park the truck into designed place without crashing. Use ARROW KEYS to steer the truck and press SPACE BAR to Break. Instructions: (113 votes, average: 4.20 out of 5) We have over 100,000 games. Try to finish the levels as quickly as possible to get more points. Game details ... 18 Wheeler 3. Bus Driver Weekdays 2. Long Bus Driver 2. Home Car Parking Bike Dirt Bike Truck … Raze 3. These games let you slip behind the wheel of a large automobile (and you may find yourself in a beautiful house, too). Rally Point 2. Happy Wheels. Play 18 Wheeler Truck 3D for Free, and Have Fun! 18 Wheeler Truck 3D: Wow! Enter & play now! Some oncoming cars will give you a break and pause while you're in front of them, but others will crash right into you. Stay on the lane, and you should be fine. That's why these 18 Wheeler Games here at are all about celebrating those long, large driving machines and their massive trailers that are hurtling along the asphalt. 18 Wheeler (also known as semi-trailer truck) is the name given to specific trucks that can pull large trailers behind them, usually stuffed with cargo ranging from barrels full of food, to oversized consumer goods or even heavy machine parts that need to reach a specific factory. First, you will choose the color of your cabin and trailer. All rights reserved. So put on your stylish trucker hat, call in for your buddies on the radio and listen to some soothing sounds as you drive down the highways with these 18 wheeler games. Monster Truck: Forest Delivery. Heavy Tow Truck 3. 78%. It's a hard job, but somebody's gotta do it. Test your driving and parking skills with a massive 18-wheeler! Car Simulator 3D. Weave through tight streets, crowded corners and sharp turns as you make your way to the parking bay - no easy feat when you have a heavy trailer following in your wake! Upgrade your truck as you go through the game. 18 Wheels Driver: Park a semi-trailer truck in every difficult spot! Drive an 18-wheeler to earn your truck license! 2210. These city streets are so packed, you'll need the extra weight of an 18-wheeler to muscle your way through the traffic to get to the indicated parking space. To start, click on the Texas Play sign at the left side. Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. 1324. Super Doggy. 18 Wheeler Truck 3D: Wow! 18 Wheeler 3D is one of the most challenging truck sim games around! Try skills and practice in driving and parking the real 18 Wheeler. Train Mania. Name: 18 Wheels Driver Added by: admin Category: Truck Parking Played: 7,252 views Tags: 18 Wheels Parking, Truck Parking: Description: Practice driving and parking a real 18 wheeler. Anything that needs to travel a long way by road, but is too big or due to its numbers to unwieldy to transport by car, can safely travel in an 18 Wheeler. Instructions: (2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Name: 18 Wheeler in Traffic Added by: admin Category: Truck Parking Played: 892 views Tags: 18 wheeler, Truck Parking Description: Drive an eighteen wheeler in a busy city and park it in the selected spots. You will lose points when you crash the 76%. Copyright © 2020 Enter & play now! Drive the truck savely and without hitting anything into the marked parking space. It's a hard job, but somebody's gotta do it. Prove your ability to steer a big rig to gain entry to the Truck Drivers Club. Truck Parking > 18 Wheeler 2 Hot Games Shopping Mall Parking Parking Mania 2 Concert Parking Central Parking CSCS Parking Park in the Snow 18 Wheeler 2 Tweet Get Flash to play this game. Home; Car; Parking; Bike; Dirt Bike; Truck; Shooting; Action; Sports; Arcade ; MMO; Please wait, 18 Wheeler Truck 3D is loading . - 18 Wheeler Truck 3D is one of our selected Truck Games. Railroad Shunting: Train Game. Truck Simulator. If you incur too much damage, you lose the level, so don't stay in anyone's way for too long and be careful not to run into walls or other obstacles.

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