Scadoxus multiflorus. Scadoxus multiflorus is a popular geophyte that grows from a rhizomatous bulb. Scadoxus puniceus can be found in cool, shady habitat such … multiflorus Flora of Malawi: Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. The purple- spotted inflorescence stalk is up to 40 cm high and bears an Allium-like spherical head, up to 15 cm diameter with numeros starry red threadlike flowers. Coreopsis tinctoria. Haemanthus multiflorus) (blood lily): Evergreen perennial with up to nine leaves with a prominent midribs and wavy margins, produced on a pseudostem that is white with purple spots. Other sources of information about Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. multiflorus Haemanthus andrei De Wild. Other common names include pincushion flower and cape tulip. The pinkish, red flower head consists of 200 flowers packed into a spherical umbel, up to 25cm (10in) in diameter, with prominent stamens. Scadoxus puniceus, commonly known as the paintbrush lily, is a species of bulbous plant.It is native to much of southern and eastern Africa: Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Eswatini (Swaziland), and South Africa (the Cape Provinces, KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State and the Northern Provinces). katherinae (Blood Lily) - This tender bulbous plant in the Amaryllis family comes from South Africa. Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report. ssp. Specific epithet means many-flowered. Haemanthus bivalvis Beck Scadoxus is a tough bulb with huge, eye-grabbing, butterfly-attracting flower clusters and tulip-like foliage. Rank Scientific Name and Common Name ... Scadoxus multiflorus (Martyn) Raf. Family: Amaryllidaceae katherinae (formerly Haemanthus katherinae) is a taller plant with wavy-edged leaves and somewhat larger flower heads. Aesthetic taste (early name) Cheerfulness in work for the Divine. (formerly Haemanthus multiflorus Martyn) is a popular deciduous, geophyte, bulb variable in height (15 to 120 cm). Common name(s): Blood Lily, Bloodflower, Katherine-Wheel and others Synonyme(s):Haemanthus multiflorus Family: Amaryllidaceae Origin: South Africa More infos: can be grown in a regular cacti mix on sunny to part shaded places. Divine cheerfulness in aesthetic work (early name) Divine cheerfulness in artistic work (early name) Divine cheerfulness in work (early name) Radiating divine cheerfulness in work (early name) Plains tickseed – English. Scadoxus membranaceus is the smallest of the known Scadoxus species, entirely evergreen and low growing, its height varies from 150–400 mm, depending on the form.This species is notable for its large spathes that surround the flowers, giving the flowerhead the appearance of a large flower. Scadoxus multiflorus (syn. multiflorus – blood-flower Subordinate Taxa. Other Common Names; HAMU4: Haemanthus multiflorus Martyn: blood-flower Classification. multiflorus Flora of Mozambique: Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. Common name: Night Blooming Cereus, Queen of the Night, Lady of the night, Dragon fruit, Red Pitaya ; ... Malayalam: Mulagu കുരുമുളക് ... Scadoxus multiflorus (Martyn) Raf. Scadoxus multiflorus is not hardy. It has large broad lance-shaped bright green leaves with wavy margins that emerge in spring above a whitish bulb spotted with maroon (giving this plant its common name … Haemanthus arnoldianus De Wild. Subspecies: Scadoxus multiflorus (Martyn) Raf. Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. multiflorus Flora of Zambia: Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. The spectacular flower head is a huge, spherical umbel consisting of up to 100 flowers, held clear of the foliage at the end of a solitary stem. & T.Durand Haemanthus bequaertii De Wild. multiflorus Flora of Caprivi: Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. Genus name comes from the Greek words skiadion meaning parasol or umbel and doxa meaning glory. multiflorus: Our websites: Flora of Botswana: Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. Scadoxus species Scadoxus multiflorus Name Synonyms Haemanthus abyssinicus Herb. Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. Haemanthus arabicus M.Roem. Scadoxus is a South African amaryllid containing 9 bulbous species that grow in part shade locations in the wild (part sun here in Raleigh). Description: Scadoxus multiflorus (Martyn)Raf.

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