Gold Motorcycle Spoon Raisin Chair As the clue is that it’s something with a back but which isn’t a camel, there’s a good chance that they’ll guess that it’s some other kind of animal. Sunflower Bat Game Our series of household item riddles for kids continues today with six that all have a sofa as the answer. Pilgrims Comprised of material, in which I reside If small enough, I can hide Rough in texture, friction is my enemy But with the touch of man, I slide. Fan Candied Yams I sometimes have arms but I don’t have any hands How many socks you should pull out in the dark to get one matching pair of socks? For homework I'm helpful—keep working, don't stop! Pot Of Gold I have drawers and also a nice flat top. Vacuum Cleaner Banana Tomato Elf Camping Building But doesn’t have any hair Desert Candy Cane Thanksgiving It’s sometimes made of leather Bible Characters Oven Treasure Map Bee Doll If you’re in the UK, feel free to accept a settee as the answer. Show Answer. But I’m not a TV Monkey Chemistry Riddle: Long legs, bandy thighs, A litte head and no eyes. It’s where clothes and other things I have a back but I’m not a camel Is somewhere that you lay your head Sitting at me would be good, When you are feeling hungry It helps you sit together, I’m in your living room How many socks do you need to pull out to find a pair? Microscope It is somewhere that you can sit Farm Scary Orange Riddle: You have a drawer full with 20 socks, 10 black, and 10 white. It’s also where things get hung up Christmas He has only six socks in his drawer, a mixture of black and white. It has 4 black socks, 8 brown socks, 2 white socks and 8 tan socks. Then you will often eat at this Clothes Thunder Mars Queen City Christmas Wreath Penguin Periodic Table Easter Egg Rice Christmas Lights It is found in a living room Freezer If there’s two or three of you Flower I come after coffee but I’m not a shop Tornado Taxi Bird If they don’t guess that the answer is a sofa, read them the second clue and get them to take another guess now that they have the extra information. Metal You need to pull out a matching pair of socks in the dark. Balloon Frankenstein's Monster Eye The first four of these are rhyming riddles, with the word ‘chair’ completing the rhyme of the fourth. Lemon Office Tuna Riddles typically rely on clever new angles to look at something common, or on words with veiled or multiple meanings. These are therefore perfect for using with many of our other riddle themes such as household items and pieces of furniture.. For something on which you’d sit, I am a piece of furniture Dice Baseball Field This is a treasure hunt riddle that the solution is DESK. Adults go here when they first wake And at other times when they need a break. The answer’s not a pillow Map Honey School Bear Bones Stapler Lavender Soap Mountain Shark Blood Vase This is where items can be stored It’s a piece of furniture I’m where your clothes get hung up, This can be found in your house Giraffe Corn Washing Machine It’s in a bedroom – it’s a _ _ _ _ _ _, I have a door but I’m not a car Christmas Tree London Socks Household Items Keep doing this until they either work out that a sofa is the answer or they run out of clues. If you pick 5, you can surely get one pair of matching socks. Ice Lime River This is in your living room Egg Christian Here are five riddles for kids where the answer is a chair. Ice Cream Helicopter This is something with a base It comes after periodic, I am a piece of furniture Hand Our team works hard to help you piece fun ideas together to develop riddles based on different topics. Elephant Vampire Solving Laundry Basket Riddles Here we've provide a compiled a list of the best laundry basket puzzles and riddles to solve we could find.

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