Many precooked hams do not come complete with glazes. A glaze may be applied after the ham is cooked. Just let the device smoke the meat until the internal temperature reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Unpackaged, cooked ham is potentially contaminated with pathogens. Next, place the baking dish in an oven heated to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. A typical wet-cured city ham found at the supermarket. Remove the ham from the oven and spoon the pan drippings over it. How to Heat a Fully Cooked Ham. The ham reached a food safe temperature while it was cooked by the processor, and went immediately into sterile packaging. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. It should be labeled either "fully cooked" or "cook before eating.". But you should not fret about this detail. To heat a fully cooked ham, start by placing it in a shallow baking dish with 1/2 a cup of water. But you shouldn’t stop there. Increase the oven temperature from about 350 F to 400 F and brush the glaze over the meat. They must only be reheated to a safe temperature, a simple thing to do if you have a thermometer. Preheat the oven to 225 degrees and smear any seasoning or sauces over the ham. Be especially careful if you're reheating your ham in the microwave, which heats unevenly. The unique slicing method, invented in 1957, reduces carving problems. Once done, you can already put the meat inside the oven. For a bone-in ham, place the ham in a shallow baking pan but do not add any water to the pan. You can also trim and score the ham before placing it in the oven. Hillshire Farm. You just want to make sure the internal temperature has reached 145 degrees. The sweet glaze can burn easily, so check it frequently. To glaze this type of ham, turn the oven to 400°F, brush the ham with the glaze, and bake for 10-15 minutes until the glaze is browned and bubbling. They are wet-cured hams that are usually smoked after curing (which is why they’re referred to as smoked hams in the USDA chart below). The ham should be left standing for 10 to 15 minutes before carving. The ham should never spend more than two hours outside of refrigeration before it's cooked. 15 - 20 min per pound @ 325 degrees is suggested. About 30 minutes before the ham is done, arrange pineapple slices over the ham and secure them with toothpicks or whole cloves. Remember, all you want to do is heat a pre-cooked ham. Turn it regularly, and let the ham rest for a few minutes so the temperature can equalize throughout the dish. Let the glazed ham stand 10 minutes before slicing and serving. Pre-cooked spiral cut hams—also known as “city hams”—have always been a favorite of mine since there is no danger of undercooking and we’re free to focus flavor. A small ham or ham slice can be glazed and then browned quickly under the broiler. Plan on about 13 minutes per pound, just like you would in the oven. The situation changes if the ham was taken out of its original packaging and cut down into smaller portions. Ham is just as good, and sometimes better, on the second day. Check the label for cooking instructions. To compensate for the added risk, these hams should be reheated to 165 F. That's hot enough to kill most of the bacteria and parasites that cause foodborne illnesses. Before heating a pre-cooked ham, many choose to add special sauces to it, in order to add flavor to the meat. That means you only need to reheat it until it reaches a temperature above the food safety danger zone, or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the ham in the preheated oven, uncovered, for 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest portion registers 140°, basting every 30 minutes with 1/2 cup of the glaze. If the ham is labeled "fully cooked" (does not require heating), heat it in the oven for about 10 minutes per pound, or to an internal temperature of 140 F. To heat a spiral-sliced ham, place it on a sheet of heavy-duty foil, cut-side down. How long do you cook a precooked 8.5 lb ham at 350? Test it by inserting an instant-read thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, taking care that it's in the actual meat and not touching the bone or a pocket of fat. Turn it regularly, and let the ham rest for a few minutes so the temperature can equalize throughout the dish. If you're buying a pre-cooked ham in the original packaging, just as it came from the processing plant, your task is simple and straightforward. To ensure food safety, it's important to do a few other things right. Heating a pre-cooked ham is a simple task, not requiring extensive cooking expertise to accomplish. For any frugal cook, that's one of its most ingratiating characteristics. During the cutting process, it's quite possible for the ham to become contaminated by bacteria on the meat saw, knives or cutting surfaces at the retail outlet. His articles have appeared on numerous home and garden sites including GoneOutdoors, TheNest and eHow. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Baked Ham With Sweet Bourbon-Mustard Glaze. If the ham is labeled "cook before eating," heat in an oven set no lower than 325 F to an internal temperature of at least 145 F. Leftover cooked ham—as with other leftovers—must be reheated to a temperature of at least 165 F. This temperature also applies to hams that come from places that are not USDA inspected. If the ham is boneless, put it a shallow baking pan, add 1/2 cup of water to the pan and cover the ham with aluminum foil. The ideal internal temperature for a precooked ham is 148 degrees F because it ensures optimal tenderness. Score the ham before baking. It'll cool more quickly if you slice the ham or cut it into smaller pieces. Dry-cured Italian prosciutto and Spanish jamon are usually thin-sliced and served without cooking, while country-style American hams must be soaked or simmered before they're baked. Let stand for 10 minutes before slicing to serve. Place the ham on a rack in a large baking pan and add about 1/4- to 1/2-inch of water to the pan. After it's cooked, cool it to room temperature as quickly as possible and get it into the refrigerator within two hours. The ham needs to get warm in the middle without having the surface get too dry or cooked.

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