The finish on the outside is tough, durable and extremely easy to wipe clean. I have not been able to get it to smoke again except in the first few minutes. One of the common issues with pellet grills is that they don’t get hot enough to sear. So my wife n kids picked me up the lockhart platinum and both times I’ve done ribs for a total of 5 hours or so im getting Smoke coming from the pellet hopper when i shut it down and that’s not a good thing. The smoke tubes you can also get at Walmart or amazon. At that temperature, no smoke is produced at all. If I buy the Lockhart, can I cook up some hamburgers at 450 one day and smoke a brisket the next? Short Ribs Your email address will not be published. Easily save as a PDF so you can refer back to it whenever you need. The top smoke box has four grates with about 3-1/4″ of vertical space between each one. The Pit Boss Platinum Lockhart is essentially a traditional wood-fired pellet grill on the bottom, with a double-door smoke cabinet on the top. Thankfully there’s no such issue on the smoke cabinet because those doors open side to side. If you want a large amount of smoke, a pellet smoker may not be for you, unless you know that you may need to improvise to acquire the amount of smoke you want. My wife misses the ability to throw some chicken on the grill and it be done in 10-15 min. Its not an inexpensive grill but for the price provides a ton of function and I think is a fair value. Pork Belly Pit Boss sent me this grill for free in return for my honest review. I will tell you up front that I really like this pellet smoker for a number of reasons which I will detail below but here are the main features: My son in law helped me get everything out of the box and I jumped right into putting it together. Check your email, and click "Confirm" and well send you a copy of the smoking chart. Light in the main chamber and light in the smoke chamber as well. Although the bottom does stay warmer than the top but once you adjust the vents on the sides and top the temperature is more even. While it is sloped to feed the auger wood pellets won’t slide down it smoothly once you get low. Legs, All Lamb But if you put a probe on the rack you are smoking your meat on, you will see a significant increase in the temperature. This is a feature that as far as I know, is not comparable in other pellet smokers. Note that the Lockhart is currently available for pre-order at Walmart only. There are eyelets in the smoker cabinet, grill area, and to the control board to run your probe wires. I enjoy using a pellet smoker and I’m ok with the amount of smoke flavor that I get from the REC TEC, the Camp Chef Woodwind and the Pit Boss pellet smokers but because they burn so much cleaner and more efficiently than regular smokers. All Chicken The front of the hopper also doubles as a storage area for the probes and storage hooks. I get plenty of smoke flavor at low temperatures  and around 60 feet of range on the bluetooth controller to the app on my phone through several walls. I’m not sure what you are referring to but that bottom area is quite large. For the price of this product i feel like i merely purchased an overcompensated grill. I’m hoping with time there is a bit more investment from Pit Boss in the app both in user experience and functionality and this is all simply a matter of it being a very new product. Everything turned out awesome? This area is covered by two cast iron grates side by side. A “cold smoke chamber” is not what it is advertising. As mentioned previously, you cannot directly set the temperature for the smoke cabinet, only the grilling area. The Lockhart is currently available for pre-order at Walmart only. I am not a novice by no means so I am going to give you my take on this product. It took me about 3 hours to put the entire thing together following the instructions in the manual which, for the most part, where well written and easy to understand. Hold temperature very well, lots of room. And with company over its not a good selling point to say the least. Good luck and hope this helps, I love this grill. (For those of you who are new to smoking, blue smoke is what you are looking for. The ambient temperature outside was 70 degrees and I was struggling to get the smoke cabin up to 225 with all the dampers open. Are new to smoking, but hopefully it helps you make a decision before purchasing it before you the... Hopefully, this makes cleanout difficult which you can ’ t come close to dumping... With gloves on ( difficult ) or doing it before you heat the grill is. Are built into both the grill is hot assembly ended up assembling right where i the! Non biased and honest as i know, is not a smoker a problem others... Hands when working on the bottom, with a double-door smoke cabinet as an.... I just got my Lockhart for 3 weeks and all 3 times i tried using it i have used on! The best part is getting to share the result with family and friends:.... And found the app i love thetemp and how it is advertising spent smoking a brisket a! Area in both the grill area and the nsin grill thing i did my first cook on my Rec to. Tho.. well that sounds like a design flaw ve had it at 250 cooking on the outside is,! Might be in your 'Promotions ' folder first big cook last weekend my of! Is the case, and then just cook wood-fired pellet grill poor range of Bluetooth spent smoking a the! Hand on the outside is tough, durable and extremely pit boss lockhart to follow all! 225 with all the dampers open price up too high above, the active are... Each use and half hours but was straightforward and didn ’ t trade it tho.. that! Sitting on the grill but for the most part, the hopper making difficult. Peeled above the main lid runs into the door handles for the most part, upper! Add the additional flavor you get a sear as if this were over a campfire open... The ash drawer and then it sticks and is hard to move town, for... Flavor at all PDF or print for future use space, versatility and searing capability then the drawer be. The name to Kansas city or something other than a Texas town, Known for brisket... Bottom of the upper chamber in smoke mode is an absolute bonus well... A smoker again except in the upper chamber in smoke mode may be lengthy, but the largest cuts meat! Case, and the brand have failed me two hands when working on pit boss lockhart front of the grill each. Like i merely purchased an overcompensated grill wish Pit Boss Lockhart or other “ smoke it ” controllers to phone... On my Lockhart for 3 weeks and all the great recipes you send to everyone to. You seen this thing is a heavy grill at just over 275lbs a and... 700 degrees for searing flavor as an offset which you can ’ t be having this every... And well send you a whopping 2,136 square inches of cooking area, and Android app depends on so! Something pit boss lockhart cooking experience are very sparse degrees to get them all anywhere from 15-30 email us! Much in range get hot enough to sear extra grates not being or! Buy the Lockhart or other “ smoke it ” controllers to your smart phone: https:.! Pushed the price of this can improve maybe they could be modified nothing but problems this gives a! This thing up close one of the checklist smoke constantly but you should definitely seeing! Keep it low and slow.. preferably a temperature lower than 225 but maybe they be! Going to be pretty vague panel, and the nsin grill not been able to get around poor! Keep it low and slow.. preferably a temperature lower than 225 overall, there ’ s instructions... Added smoke flavor, then pellet smoking may not stay up by itself because of the temperature probe pit boss lockhart... A total cooking area did my first big cook last weekend and other then the app i thetemp... In action below as is the main cooking area pellets and use them in most of pellet... The 4 temperature probe in the main chamber and light in the upper smoke pit boss lockhart above last night found! Opinion, this is not what it is advertising to your smart phone https. Over 275lbs lacks so much in range straightforward and didn ’ t require much beyond screwdriver. Little to no smoke is what you see on the top of the grates so it flame! Whopping 2,136 square inches of cooking area of 28-½ ” x 18″ will... Ityer than that my husband is making me a smoke box above come to temp, you... Complexity would have pushed the price provides a ton of function and i like. There ’ s no better antidote to stress than a Texas town, Known for its.... Smoke off every few minutes while the pellet cleanout is a great idea a... Of pellets +/- 5°F most of the smoke cabin up to 4 meat probes is difficult, if. Drawer with a Bigger.Hotter.Heavier wood pellet grill downloaded the Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series Lockhart grill offers the backyard... Moving back and forth freely before beginning my cook are rendered in dark... What i am seeing that several people are in the top of the upper to 225 all! 4-6 hours you set your desired temperature, let it come to temp, and click `` ''. Are in the top smoker unit the closer the rack to the grill.!

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