E¨ Major is similar to A¨ Major (L.H. Pentatonic Scale”*4), play the shapes found in the exercises, but replace the written notes with the notes of your chos en scale. Pentatonic scale is one of the easiest scales to master. The "major mode" version of the scale is F# G# A# C# D#, with F# as the primary We will begin by improvising melodies using only the black notes of the piano. But there’s a simpler way… start with a major pentatonic scale (notes: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6) and keep the same notes.. Scales, arpeggios and cadences, two octaves Margaret Denton, piano No group B¨ Major, E¨ Major, and F© Minor share no common pattern when played H.T. 2. These notes create a Pentatonic (5-note) scale that is easy to see, and can be accompanied effectively by just one or two chords. Ability to improvise any song using the pentatonic scale. All piano scales pdf free download – Tài liệu luyện các loại âm giai trên đàn piano F-Sharp Harmonic Minor Scale for Piano with Fingering C-sharp Scales for Piano – Tất cả điệu thức âm gốc C# As the name indicates, this scale consists of 5 notes. But instead of starting on the 1, shift the scale … D Minor Pentatonic Scale for Piano with Fingering 4 nguyên tắc đặt hợp âm – các bước đặt hợp âm cho một bản nhạc, bài hát, ca khúc một cách đơn giản nhất Các vòng hợp âm thông dụng nhất trong đệm hát Piano và Guitar Chapter 1: Pentatonic scale improvising. The ()'s are for 'rounding' off the end. Blues Scales Piano Right Hand Fingering s - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Once you are familiar with the intervallic characteristics of the scale, it should be very easy to play in any key. So if you start on the bottom and go up and back down, the rounded off fingerings make the end cleaner, as opposed to being able to go on up another octave. is the same fingering, R.H. is slightly different) GO TO: C Major Fingering Group Thumbs Together Group Same Fingering Group No group All piano scales pdf free download – Tài liệu luyện các loại âm giai trên đàn piano C-Sharp Harmonic Minor Scale for Piano with Fingering Sách học điệu thức và giọng ( Scales and key signatures pdf) Fingerings for blues scale on piano Pentatonic scale fingering C Major RH 123 12(4) 123 12 (4) LH 321 (321) 21 321 (321) That's for 1 8ve with the second 8ve below. Knowing the pentatonic scale helps you to create many piano music styles; including gospel/evangelical, new age, and a variety of Oriental music, etc 27 Arpeggios: placing fingers in blocks 114 28 Chromatic scales: exercise for 321 or 123 fingering 118 29 Rhythm, accent, bowing and dynamic patterns 122 30 Speeding up with the metronome 124 31 Three-octave scales, arpeggios and chromatic scales 129 32 Single-finger scales and arpeggios 144 33 Two-finger scales 152 34 One-octave scales 156 That will keep your root note of the minor pentatonic scale the same as the major pentatonic scale..

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