Egg Laying. so when they have intercourse, does she lay eggs the next day or what? This video is unavailable. I think I can answer this question well; I have been a parrot enthusiast for as long as I could remember, Although no one can tell exact age of a parrot just by examining it but yeah pretty accurate estimates could be made. Quaker parrot comes into breeding age of 7 to 24 months. If your bird engages in these behaviors with an inanimate object, that object should be permanently removed from her environment. Hello Everyone, This is my first post on this forum so i hope i am posting it one the right one and english is not my first language so you may find some errors in my writing please ignore them. We have a small Amazon, a yellow shoulder, and he hit his around 2-1/2 years. The hormones are going wild, while the health should stay on point. 6. Think of healthy options, with varieties of fruit, seeds, home-made food, and vegetables. When the eggs fertilize after breeding, the Quaker lays her first egg in around 25 hours. Behavior and mating. The Pyrrhura conures mature at 8 to 12 months of age. An increasingly sensitive parrot requires strict conditions. jwsoika. Reply. Sun conure |parrot mating stage |parrot age. The gold cap and brown throat groups mature at 12 to 18 months, and the green conure group at about 2 years. ... begin searching for mates between three and five years of age. Some single birds will display mating behaviors with objects in their environment, such as food cups, toys, perches, or mirrors. Making diet nutritious is a must-do. The answer to all these worries lies in the hormonal changes Quaker parrot experiences during his mating season. Ingredients rich in calcium should be increased during the mating … Physical maturity doesn’t usually translate instantly into babies. Generally the smaller the parrot the younger they hit puberty and their first huge flush of hormones. 11 replies to "quakers parrots mating" Joel F. 18/11/2013 . So as far as my problem goes i will write it down in detail hope u guys dont get bored. The age at which physical maturity is reached is directly proportional to the size of the conure. Mating behaviors include regurgitating food, vent rubbing, and tail lifting. He is going thru a hormonal period now, at 5, so this is his second.

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