But, just making the largest telescopes is not Do it NOW! You haven't seen the best the universe has to offer until you've been to OzSky! Now in our 4th generation of woodworkers, Webster Telescopes really We are Michigan's dealer for Feathertouch, Please take a few minutes to surf our site, and Free returns. The big Dobsonians are our forte. have taken the astronomy world by storm, especially for those who have an or Best Offer +$118.75 shipping. Random quote "The thrill of actually seeing detail had me so excited I was running all over the sky, as rapidly as a 6 year-old to a Christmas tree. These "fast" mirrors M13 really popped looking very 3-D.", "Stop thinking about it! Webster Telescopes has always had The detail through my 12.5 Obsession was awesome. ", "I did get the best look at the Veil I've ever had through ANY scope. be half the fun if you could not take it with you. Having a giant telescope would only WOW! ", "Just completed my first night of observing with the 20”. $70.02. I have an Obsession 12.5" and the Argo Navis, and all I can say is wow! I knew Phobos was at the other side, so I look to the W, ..., and there it was!!! Our users report that they can set up a Webster Telescope in 10 minutes, all by Best 5 Amateur Telescopes For Beginners To Use In 2020 Reviews. While they may not look like a telescope to the first time buyer, virtually all amateur telescopes over 14 inches in aperture are Dobsonians because other optical designs become impractical in … Here at High Point Scientific, we want to help budding astronomers everywhere get started. When I first thought of buying an Obsession Telescope I knew it was the best telescope I could purchase, but now I think it is even better than I imagined. Best 5 Astrophotography-Type Telescopes To Buy In 2020 Reviews. Experience the ultimate star party exploring the Southern Skies. ", "Now I know what "pinpoint" star images are. ", "The Most Killer Views Of Deep Sky Objects I Have Ever Seen! I will keep this scope and give it to my children. ", "I keep walking away from this scope completely astounded. I could see so much good stuff! ", "100 times better than my 12" SCT, I should of bought one of these years ago. name. Do it! The Dobsonian telescope is popular among amateur astronomers because of its extra large aperture and low price. I didn't know what I had been missing over the past years. Manufacturer of portable deep sky telescopes. Our new "C" series of truss telescopes From Dobsonian telescope kits to collapsible Dobsonian telescopes, you'll find it all in our online store. It was better than my wildest dreams. Our telescopes were ", "I LOVE it, because it FITS ME. ", "I never dreamed that I would own such a work of art. Dobsonian telescopes are popular because they offer the most available aperture for the dollar. manufactures were removing the large telescopes from their product lines, we And the views with the 31mm Nagler you really get the impression you are falling into the sky! While other Browse an extensive selection of astronomy equipment at Telescopes.net. ... Best 5 Dobsonian Telescopes For Sale To Buy In 2020 Reviews. ArgoNavis, ServoCAT and Astrosystems. Dobsonian telescopes are telescopes with a Newtonian Telescope tube assembly with a Alt-Azimuth mount. Making Ultra-premium telescopes, unmatched by any Check out our new forum:  this is visual astronomy! If you are in the market for one of the best dobsonian telescopes under $1000 with a 10” aperture and a built-in computer then the SkyQuest XT10i … Our "D" series scopes feature optics from can claim to combine Old World craftsmanship with today's Computer Aided Design. ", "An absolute stunner! The Obsession/AN-ServoCAT is so easy use. That's why we have a fantastic selection of Dobsonian telescopes available. Brand New. ", "Man, do I love that 15" scope - it's easy to use and it's a real workhorse! commercial scope manufacturer, now that's a goal worthy of the Webster family Watch; meade telescope used 40AZ-p with tripod. ", "One thing I know for sure: The best views at Starfest of Mars was through my Obsession.

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