So get that sharpening stone at the ready and get ready to de-bone your family’s favorite protein like a pro. Best Overall Knife: F. Dick Ergogrip 10” Weight: 7.2 oz. Take a look at this video to see how amazing this knife is: I would recommend this Japanese butcher knife for those who can hold a weight of about 1.6 pounds. Some features for good handles should be free of bacteria, anti-slippery, fit your hand, and balance with the blade. You could also try a meat cleaver, especially if you cutting up a large bird or joint of meat that has plenty of bones and sinew to deal with. Before we delve in and specifically look at some of the critical elements that make a good Butcher Knife, it’s worth just recapping what they are and just what makes them so unique and crucial to have as part of your pro equipment. From this table, you can first find some products you might be interested in. To me, the most important thing about weight lies in the balance between the blade and handle. The handle is ergonomically designed as you would imagine and features Santoprene for a comfortable and non-slip grip even if you using your knife in wet conditions. For raw meats, you need a slightly different tool for the job. Thus, this knife can handle tasks like chopping, skinning, and cutting big meats. When it comes to the business of sharp and reliable blades, they are hard to beat. Working with a Global knife really is a joy and a privilege and if you get the opportunity to own one we’d encourage you to go for it! Some with famous imported Pakka wood is very luxurious on appearance. Also, the grip is the part that you make the most contact, so you have to make sure it's comfortable enough in your hands. Getting straight into our review with a … Moreover, it is super durable and can remain sharp and easy to clean just by putting on the dishwasher. Let's see my top picks on 15 best butcher knife! Sometimes, they can be used for skinning animals. It’s a fabulous knife for chopping up large portion of meat because of how robust and durable it is. The suggested surface for cutting is wooden or hard plastic with reasonable thickness. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Curved Boning Knife. However, you might be struggling when using these knives for dense or thick meat. The Victorinox Swiss Army butcher knife is the top-rated butcher knife on our list. The 10 inches blade incredibly sharp for a precise cut and wonderful deboning. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best steak knives. It has both ground blade for maximum usage of cutting edge and skinning tip for multiple butchering tasks. Also, you can see this video for detailed visualized instruction: There’s are some frequently asked questions on butcher knives. So, for me, this one is the best butcher knife with a stainless steel handle. Our next professional knife comes from the Wusthof Pro collection and is their Cimeter style Butcher Knife. We’ve reviewed knife sharpeners as well, so you can sharpen any knife in your kitchen. A great choice if you are looking to invest in a new Butcher Knife. Cold Steel Commercial Series Butcher Knife, 10. The blade is good at holding edge and resistance of corrosion. To maintain the knife in good condition, you should know well how to sharpen butcher knife by stone. Thus, hanging is the best way to get them organized. Love this product? Ontario Knife Company Hickory Butcher Knife. Its curved cimeter blade cut easily on large chunks of meat, and the sharp point is perfect for skinning. They make a more popular choice for anyone either new to knife handling or who is on a more limited budget as they are more cost effective. However, as I noticed, most people haven’t paid enough attention to choosing a good set of knives for their kitchen. As an Amazon Associate I ( earn from qualifying purchases. It enables the knife to retain sharpness exceptionally well. What makes this knife so popular? Knowing what kind of blade you should invest in can be tricky, so we’re here to cut through all the fat and gristle with our Best Butcher Knife recommendations. Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Series Butcher Knife, 8. The butcher is commonly caught with a curved blade, using in butcher shops or restaurants. Mostly, they can pick randomly any set they see in stores, looking good or from famous brands like Ontario, Wusthof, etc.

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