While trying to book another ticket, the pnr is not being recognized as a valid credit shell on easemytrip website. I was offered by a credit shell against the pnr. You can use the credit at a later … 1. JJ Pathfinder 13,557 views. How to use CREDIT SHELL and Book your flight | Credit shell kaise use karein? How to check and use credit shell of indigo Airlines | Book new flights by credit shell balance - Duration: 4:36. You will not be able to use your cancelled ticket in the future but you can choose to retain a Credit Note or Credit Shell with IndiGo and use the remaining amount after deduction of … 2. credit shell is a credit note created against a cancelled PNR to be used for a future booking, for the same passenger/s. IndiGo is crediting credit shell (CS), account for all bookings affected for cancelled flights due to COVID-19, even though the booking was created through your travel agent or third-party website. FramesWith FAQs about Credit Shell. Credit shell can be redeemed to make a fresh booking. It is a credit note created by IndiGo against a cancelled PNR to be used for a future booking, for the same passenger/s. How can I redeem my credit shell? As you may be already aware. My indigo flight kq9eqe was cancelled because of extended lockdown. I also talked with mr. Mahboob through whatsapp based customer service, but he could not solve the issue. What is a credit shell? A credit shell (or flight/travel credit) is an open ticket, issued when an airline holds on to the booking amount in the form of credit. 4:36.

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