© 2020 Jenks Farmer. The picture to the right shows the common problem. But they often have big gaps. ". The most recommended hand pruners are bypass and anvil. Whether your hedge is looking a bit worse for wear, or you’d like to thicken your existing healthy hedge, we offer some tips on how to make your privet hedge thicker. Here’s a link to Felder Rushing’s article and pictures of traditional style hedge row planting and pruning. So you need also to consider the species of your fencing plants to know the best time to trim them. display: none !important; Old Hedges: If you have an overgrown, sparse old hedge… Felder’s hedge link. On-farm or At Your Place, Our Events Teach Through Stories, Deep-Rooted Wisdom: Stories and Skills from Generations of Gardeners. Pick a spot to plant your beech hedge. It stimulates the growth of new branches and reduces pest infestations. Plants lose less sap during these periods and therefore they do not suffer a lot from the cuts which promotes quick regrowth. It is recommended to use a sharp pruner, lopper, or pruning saw to carry out this task. That was the first summer after we renovated Seibel’s Garden of Historic Columbia Foundation. As you can see, trimming a hedge to grow fuller and thicker is a straightforward process. According to my own experience, the bypass pruners are the best because they don’t crush plant tissues like the anvil types. The crossing branches rub against each other causing plant damage while the co-dominant branches tend to grow quicker than the other branches spoiling the fence shape. The easy solution is to bend some branches, to weave the plants together. You can select only the major wounds and apply a suitable dressing. Some plant species can survive pretty well when trimmed in the late spring or early summer. When it comes to deciding on the best time to trim your hedge, you should consider the late winter or early spring. Second, you need to consider the age and species of your plants to decide on how much to cut. To thicken this hedge up, I’d just pull some branches from different plants down and zip tie them together. If you are confused on which pruner to buy for your hedges, I recommend that you try this one provided by Fiskers - a leading manufacturer of gardening and landscaping tools. To protect your thorax and abdomen, you need to wear an apron or a long sleeve shirt. You can also use them in your garden to improve soil fertility or use them as firewood. The downside is that they only role through during the night and don't stay. three You need to consider the size of the branches and the height of the hedge to choose the right tools and equipment. how to make a thick hedge, privacy plants, pruning hedge, training hedge, visual barrier in the yard, PLEASE FILL IN THE BLANK BELOW * Kidd R. "Tips on Tree and Shrub Trimming.". Other parts that you need to remove include root and base trunk suckers, water sprouts, and broken, diseased, or dead wood. In old days (and in other countries today), hedges are living fences so they must be impenetrable thickets. For branches that are 3 inches and above in diameter, it is recommended to use electric pruners or trimming saws which can cut thick secondary stems. The task is usually not complicated. But still, according to my own observations, many people do not know how to trim a hedge correctly. Beech … That stimulates vertical growth in the now empty spaces. Answer: If you planted them recently, give them at least three months for the roots to develop before you trim. Forestry Commission, Great Britain. The second step is to make another cut opposite the initial one, but slightly up or down the branch. If the branches are thin (0.75 inches of diameter or below), you can go for the hand pruners. University of Delaware (UD). The notes below apply to mature beech hedges in good condition that have reached or are near their final height.. New hedges: Formative clipping of a new beech hedge is necessary: Please read that section if you have just planted or are planning to plant a beech hedge. How much can I safely trim by hand to help grow the plants from below. .hide-if-no-js { Since it promotes the growth of more branches, it makes hedges bushier and stronger. To prevent injuries and accidents, you must get safety gear and use it throughout the process. }. When it comes to choosing the right trimming tool, there is one tool that you shouldn't fail to have for your hedges, and the tool is no other than the Fiskars Bypass Pruner. Trained properly, they can be thick; thick enough to be more than a visual barrier. Arborists have documented the best seasons to perform hedge trimming, but some situations can trigger the process to take place outside these seasons. Deciduous hedges can be cut at any time, although it is a bad idea to give more than a light trim during the bird-nesting season, between the beginning of March and July. I doubt that that is having an effect yet but if the canopy does become umbrella like then a thinning pruning up to 25% or 30% may stimulate lower growth. When it comes to protecting your hands and feet, you need to wear gloves and safety shoes. Clean equipment after removing diseased branches. The first step is to make a shallow cut on a suitable part of the branch, preferably near the stem collar. To some people, it may appear to be a good bit of work, but it is clearly a process that people can do on their own.  −  Get safety gear ready to start the process. It inhibits the cut branches from growing back and keeps disease-carrying insects away during the healing period. To disinfect your equipment, you need to put the disinfectant in a large container and dip the equipment in the chemical for at least five minutes. I've got a Copper Beech hedge here (no purple-leaves Hornbeam available) but all the rest are Hornbeam rather than Beech (well, apart from the Yew, Box, Holly and Holm Oak hedges!) The leaves then start to bud up round February / March time and the leaves open from April onwards depending on the weather. Januaris Saint Fores (author) from Intercontinental on November 28, 2019: @Mayr you can instead decide to support them to allow them grow past 6 feet (and trim back to 6 feet) - they will be offering better privacy at that height. See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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