Any omission will be punished: failure. I know exactly what should be taught to the beginning student. Do them, or better, invent your own exercises. Don’t think that It is necessary to do exercises. Finally, if you are mad enough that you want to solve those tremendously perplexing problems of reconciling gravitational physics with the I had the extreme luck of having excellent teachers around me. With all the young and brilliant minds of India and the steady development in the educational and research sectors, India will be the world leader in the field of research in the upcoming years. These elements can then be studied in depth to gain an understanding of the universe. I am asking students, colleagues, teachers to We hope that this article helped you answer a lot of questions that were there in your mind. It is my intention to search on the web where the really useful papers and books Now that you have developed an interest, you need to be skilled in certain things. Theoretical physics assign mathematical systems to explain and predict natural phenomena. Now, here begins the serious stuff. Check out their websites to find out more about the courses they offer and then shortlist the ones that interest you the most. Write the theorems step by step manner. Where to Study Theoretical Physics in India? I can tell you of my own experiences. They believe this, However, there are a few institutes that focus on research and development and these would be the best places to satisfy your curiosity. Do them. It should be possible, these days, to collect all knowledge you need from the internet. If this site has been of any help to someone while preparing for a University study, if this has motivated someone, helped someone along the way, and smoothened his If you are more modest than that, well, finish those lousy schools first and follow the regular routes provided by Look at texts that specifically describe theoretical physics or books that outline the careers of famous theorists. smarter way. pre-20th century physics is “irrelevant” since now we have so much more. It is a formidable task. There are other peaks such as Bose-Einstein condensation, fractional Hall effect, and more. This is a site for ambitious people. There are several required steps to attain a job as a theoretical physicist. site. Once you start with your education, I would request you to gain experience in the field through internships and fellowships. They took years of time and several brilliant minds to know why things work the way they do. from mailing to me your alternative theories until you have studied the entire lot; if you do this well you will discover that many of these authors were not so stupid Once you develop an interest, it’s time to gain the necessary skills. Let’s first limit ourselves to the absolute minimum. To become a theoretical physicist, one must not only fulfill all the qualifications but one must also have a basic interest and passion to follow and learn physics. - there are many things you need to know. If you are already passionate and curious to know how the universe works, it wouldn’t be that difficult. Understand the basic principles of universal laws. It is presently set up only for those who wish to become theoretical physicists, not just ordinary ones, but the very best, those who are a printer, and lots of paper and pens. Find out more about what entrance tests do these institutes follow or if they have their own selection process. More than rudimentary intelligence is assumed to be present, because ordinary students can master this material only when assisted by patient teachers. it. don’t have to believe anything you read on faith - check it. Why does light travel with a constant speed of 3×10^8 m/s? Don’t Draw diagrams taking enough space. Theoretical Physics is like a sky scraper. In those days, the solid foundations were laid … But I didn’t have internet. The solutions to all these questions started as a theory. warning is called for: even if you are extremely smart, you are still likely to get stuck somewhere. These predictions are then observed or experimented upon and the conclusion of the observations and experimentations concludes if a theory is just a guess or has solid proof to back them. or her path towards science, then I call this site successful. the best of the texts come with exercises. The first few floors of our skyscraper consist of advanced mathematical I avoid texts with lots of colorful but distracting pictures from authors who try hard to be funny. To make a career in a field like theoretical physics, it is extremely important to not only have an interest in physics but you also need to be passionate about it. One must totally devote himself to the study of physics. scraper. For that, you need to be a Theoretical Physicist. Theoretical physics isn’t a career where you can excel without a college degree. Have a can-do attitude in learning. subjects included are somewhat focused towards my own interests. Tips for Writing Physics Exams: Take care of your handwriting. The study of theoretical physics can also help us invent tools and technology to benefit mankind. m/s? What if you are older, and you are not at all looking forward to join those noisy crowds of young students?

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