By sending part of the signal to ground, a volume pot controls the amount of electrical signal the amplifier receives. But, I still need to know what actual wire to use. Essentially, what you are doing is coupling the tuners, strings, and bridge assembly to signal ground through the spring claw, … To bridge the amp, connect the subwoofer or bridged speaker positive (+) terminal to the positive amplifier bridged terminal label, and the speaker negative (-) terminal to the negative bridged amplifier terminal also. Each component should be grounded and connected to a common Earth ground. [11] Now you simply have to connect your pickups to the correct terminals (follow the diagram below) on the 3 way switch, connect the groud wire running to the bridge and reassemble your guitar. I shoved it back in as tightly as I could, and attached a VOM to the wire and the bridge. A connection was made. If it's a Tele, a ground to the pickup base plate can suffice, as it is electrically connected to the bridge through the adjustment screws. If the sweeper, which is usually the output of a volume control, is connected to the lug that is grounded (zero on the volume knob), then there will be no output. Never assume you can bridge an amp. The length however, appeared to be the full piece of wire. I then shoved a slightly larger diameter piece of wired into the hole, wedging and pushing the ground wire in more. Connect the grounding electrode conductor to the ground bus. Simply grounding the pickup’s ground wire to the back of the volume pot will not ground the circuit. The most common process is to solder a ground wire that connects each component together and then connect to the guitar’s bridge. I was actually thinking of using copper tape to tape the wire down under the bridge, and also in the control cavity, possibly to connect the ground wire to there, too. When I revamped my Stratocaster, I just brought the claw wire to the lug, which was more convenient and electrically equivalent. To make the connection, slide the end of the grounding electrode conductor through one of the holes in the bus and tighten the screw in that hole until it holds the wire very tightly. I pulled out the ground wire, it offered no real resistance. The hole from under the bridge into the control cavity is too narrow to put copper foil in. The ground bus is where all the ground and neutral wires are attached in the electrical panel. If it has a tremolo, the ground can run to the spring claw. If you've got a hardtail strat or a bass, you pretty much have to run a wire to the bridge, or to the tailpiece or bridge posts on a Les Paul style.

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