Jamaica was seized by the British in 1655, so by the time Mary was born, most Jamaicans worked as … Her mother was Jamaican and a doctress, and her father was Scottish and an officer in the British Army. 1. A fund, which had the backing of Queen Victoria, was established to pay back her debts, and The last 25 years of her life, however, were spent in obscurity. Her contribution in the Crimean War was largely forgotten after her death and was overshadowed by that of Florence Nightingale. Where are the West Indies? England, of course did forget Mary Seacole. Mary Jane Grant Seacole was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805 and died in Paddington, London, England on May 14, 1881. She was 76 years old. Her mother was a nurse, seacoles mother used to help the wounded soldiers and other injured or unwell people. 3 The dates of her birth and death appear under her name, a common style on headstones. Where is the Crimea? As her life unfolded, it’s evident that Seacole derived her greatest inspiration from that relationship. Her father was a Scottish army officer and her mother a free Jamaican mulatto. After settling back in Kingston, Mary Seacole started practicing medicine, and she soon gained a reputation as a doctress that far exceeded that of her mother. She was awarded a Crimean medal, and a bust was made of her by Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, sculptor and nephew of Queen Victoria. She was 76 years old. They had no children before he died in 1844, Mary’s beloved mother dying shortly afterwards. When she died on 14th May 1881. She also suffered the loss of her home, razed to the ground in … She travelled around the Caribbean before returning to Kingston where she married Edwin Horatio Hamilton Seacole in 1836. Despite her name being almost forgotten for over one hundred years, today Mary Seacole is recognized as a pioneer in British nursing. By 1870 Seacole had returned to London where she treated, amongst others, Alexandra, Princess of Wales for rheumatism. https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/history/general-history/mary-seacole Mary was a very famous nurse and she was born in 1805, and sadly Mary died in 1881 Mary Seacole's mother was Jamaican and her father was a Scottish soldier. Mary Seacole was born ‘Mary Jane Grant’ in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805 during the period of British Colonial rule. Plaque commemorating Mary Seacole at 14 Soho Square, London #9 A statue of Seacole will be erected at St Thomas’ Hospital. 2. Title: Mary Seacole 1 Mary Seacole 2 What do we know about Mary Seacole. The headstone says Mary Seacole cared for the sick and wounded in the West Indies and the Crimea. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/mary-seacole-6394.php Seacole remained single until she was 31 years old when she married Edwin Seacole… Mary Seacole was 76 years old when she died. She would never marry again. In 1836, she married Edwin Horatio Seacole, but he had a propensity for sickness and died just eight years later. Mary Seacole was born Mary Jane Grant on 23 November 1805 in Kingston, Jamaica. When her nanny died in her arms, Seacole moved back in with her mother and learned her Creole medicine techniques. Mary wed Edwin Horatio Hamilton Seacole on November 10, 1836. Seacole died of a stroke on May 14, 1881. Mary Seacole died in Paddington, London on May 14, 1881.

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