Microscopes help us magnify tiny objects so that you can view them more easily. In the science of optics, the magnification of an object like a lens is the ratio of the height of the image you can see to the height of the actual object being magnified. How do you calculate the total magnification of a compound light microscope? Stereo microscope magnification is a combination of the eyepiece magnification (most commonly 10x) and the objective lens magnification (typically anywhere between 0.7x - 5x). the light source is a lamp. The microscope c-mount adapter (2) is the piece used to connect the microscope and the microscope camera . How is the image of an object seen through the high-power objective different from the image seen through the low-power objective? Figuring Total Magnification. This is important when you want to view an object on the cellular level. Magnification: Magnifying/Focusing. For instance, a lens that makes a small object appear very big has a high magnification, while a lens that makes an object appear small has a low magnification. Magnifying Objects/ Focusing Image: When viewing a slide through the microscope make sure that the stage is all the way down and the 4X scanning objective is locked into place. If you have ever been in a biology lab, then you have probably used a microscope to view slides. If you are using a stereo microscope with 10x eyepieces and the zoom knob is set to 4x, the total magnification … They come equipped with adjustable settings so that you can view the slides at different powers. If you are using a stereo microscope the objective lens value would be printed on the zoom knob or on the objective turret that is turned to change the microscope magnification. ; Place the slide that you want to view over the aperture and gently move the stage clips over top of the slide to hold it into place. ... What kind of light source do you have on your microscope?

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