*Organically Produced Do Not Shake. The alcohol content is slightly higher than your average kombucha, allowing for all the probiotics and beneficial acids to be preserved. Please note: Kombucha is a fermented tea that has naturally occurring alcohol. Over ... $350 million of which was earned by Millennium Products, Inc. which sells GT's Kombucha. A few brands are producing offerings in multiple categories. The alcohol content of kombucha is usually less than 0.5%, but increases with extended fermentation times. Homebrewers don’t always understand how the fermentation process works. KBI Recommendation for Accurate Ethanol Testing: Headspace Gas Chromatography. is testing alcohol levels in 700 samples of the beverage from around the province. It is such a small amount of alcohol that we usually pass it off as insignificant. GT’s Kombucha* (Kombucha Culture*, Black Tea*, Green Tea*, Kiwi Juice*), Mango Puree* and 100% Pure Love!!! First, the length of time the brew is fermented will dictate the alcohol content. But it is possible for kombucha to be produced with higher than 1.1 per cent alcohol. Halfway through the bottle, the breathalyzer registered a .012 blood alcohol content. A study in B.C. GT’s Living Foods “Enlightened Kombucha” & Its Alcohol Content GT’S Living Foods Kombucha Products Advertised And Sold As “Non-Alcoholic”, Yet Above the Legal Limit. By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: October 23, 2018 in Kombucha, Health, Wellness, Kombucha Alcohol Most people know that kombucha contains a trace amount of alcohol. It’s not an exact percentage—for reference, GT’s Kombucha contains anywhere from 8 mg to 14 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving, and Health-Ade has … Why does how it’s produced and by whom matter? In 2014, the companies that make and sell kombucha formed a trade organization, Kombucha Brewers International. Do not consume if you are avoiding alcohol due to pregnancy, allergies, sensitivities, or religious beliefs. If this is news to you, check out our blog post earlier this year regarding kombucha alcohol content.. Hard Kombucha requires non-native yeasts to be added to kombucha to yield higher alcohol content (4% ABV and higher) beverages that are subject to all Federal and local laws, labelling and taxation. To clarify, the kombucha we bought was not in the alcohol section and we were not carded. For comparison, a light beer has around 4.2%. Home-brewed kombucha often has the highest levels of alcohol, up to 3%, in fact.

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