We’re making Falafel Burger… With step by step pictures. (Note: My food processor is a 14-cup Cuisinart , and this amount of ingredients fills it to the brim. Surely I’m Falafel Burgers By Lauren Miyashiro 29/03/2019 Parker Feierbach Surprisingly, we found this vegetarian burger harder to perfect than our classic fried falafel. This falafel burger recipe is no different – except rather than making bite-sized balls (like the traditional falafel), we’ll form burger patties and lightly fry them (or bake) for a delicious vegan burger option. Jump to Recipe Hey foodies! A vegan falafel burger recipe. The falafel burger is vegan and plant-based. But when Chris and I were talking about new kinds of veggie burgers recently, the idea of a falafel burger came up. The falafel patties are made with very simple ingredients, mainly chickpeas, and parsley. Served with hummus, Israeli salad and a creamy mayo. They are perfectly crispy and dark golden brown on the outside with a light, tender, seasoned chickpea center! Falafel burger recipe made with home made falafel patty from scratch. Combine all of the ingredients in a food processor — the drained chickpeas, herbs, chopped carrots, onions, garlic, and the mixed dry seasonings. This veggie falafel burger recipe is based on the classic Middle Eastern Falafel sandwich but turned into a burger! Like Pad Thai, though, falafel is one of those recipes that I’d just rather have someone else make for me. A Falafel burger is a delicious veggie burger that only has a few ingredients and isn't high in calories. Why? These easy vegan falafel burgers have all your favorite Middle Eastern flavors of classic fried falafel but in burger form! You will need dried garbanzos, red onion, garlic, cilantro, parsley, and spices for this recipe. Sandwich them with fresh veggies in a pretzel bun and drizzle with dill yogurt sauce for the best vegetarian dinner ever!

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