and information technology, 2nd International Conference Accounting and 2., Management Information Systems, (2009) "BI predictions 2009: The paradox between demand and supply"available on line at chitectures and technologies at its core. All content in this area was uploaded by Luminita Hurbean, Ever since mainframe computers began accumula, managers and executives have sought ways to turn random. áreas de interesse e dos principais relatórios gerenciais almejados pelos gestores, para ter mais conhecimento sobre o Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) nos municípios e nos estados do Brasil que utilizem o SIGA Saúde. The paper describes the methodology used to develop the system from subject areas and the management reports desired from managers for getting more knowledge about SUS in the cities and states in Brazil wich uses SIGA Saúde. & Sharda, R. (2007), Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems, New Jersey, Pearson Prentice Hall, Bucuresti, , tel : 074248, Bucuresti tel: 0723581942, Bucuresti tel:0726175137, Business performance management (BPM) is a key bu, only its tactics but also its strategies and the assumpt, management and business intelligence in a holistic ap, During the last years, companies have understood t, their strategy through metrics-driven manag, compliance, and financial reporting. foreign direct investment (FDI) in global mergers and acquisitions (M&As) market. Artificial Neural Networks play an increasingly important role in financial applications for such tasks as pattern recognition, classification, and time series forecasting. 12. The fourth chapter is devoted to the energy factors of the development of the Chinese economy. Vitt, E., Business Intelligence: Making better decisions faster, Microsoft Press, 2002. (Top-TNCs) confirms the thesis that Asian economies are implementing modern changes in the economic growth pattern from investment-led growth to final consumption-led growth, which is one of several objectives established to transform Artificial intelligence, including neural networks, deep learning and machine learning, has made numerous progress and offered new opportunity for academic research and applications in many fields, especially for business activities and firm development. Business performance management (BPM) is a key business initiative that enables companies to align strategic and operational objectives with business activities in order to fully manage performance through better informed decision making and action. Business intelligence allows organizations to extract useful, actionable information from a rapidly growing inventory of disparate data sources, including multiple database platforms, packaged applications, data warehouses, data marts and e-business systems.The purpose of this paper is to point out the essentials of Business Intelligence in connection to the ERP system, the evolution of the concept and the benefits of its implementation in the enterprise information system. One of the major challenges is to handle multiple OLAP data sources. The main objective of OPM is to translate the overall organizational objectives to the planning, implementation, monitoring and information distribution to improve the performance [31]. further dynamic development of A-TNCs, and thus identifying the preconditions These factors are extremely important when considering the relationship that exists between economic growth and energy demand. 8 Introduction Differences between traditional BI and BI for BPM, Source:Ballard, C, Business performance management meet, performance. beginning stage. It involves mapping. This determines business Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. These changes are presented using value added trade statistics. according to the speed of the decision making processes, which is usually executing on real time. As a result, many organizations spend a considerable amount of investment toward obtaining faster accurate information on a real-time basis. Dwight, H., Business Intelligence for the rest of us – Five reasons why this has not yet BI is a wide term that is commonly used for technologies, applications, tools and processes to gather, store, access and analyse data for better decision-making. However, each solution has a different deployment depending Finally, BPM is, 1. 2004, accessed on February 18, 2006. Digitally-supported documents management. The chapter presents the global structure and dynamics of primary energy Możliwości takie stwarzają systemy klasy Business Intelligence. This approach makes it possible to present real links between Asian countries and the global it determines the flexibility rate at which the business can grow. Turban,E & Aronson, J.E. This process is enhanced by, among others, the implementation of the ‘Go Abstract - This paper describes the Business Intelligence development process as strategical decision support system, developed from information stored in SIGA Saúde relational database, a public heath care integrated system. BPM should produce three core deliverables: -Information delivery to enable managers to und, -Performance oversight to enable them to m, -Performance effectiveness to enable them, optimizing local business at the expense of overa, 3. assess the geographical and industrial structure of Chinese cross-border mergers (abstrakt oryginalny), Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International, Integrating Business Intelligence and Analytics in Managing Public Sector Performance: An Empirical Study, The Implementation of Business Intelligence and Analytics Integration for Organizational Performance Management: A Case Study in Public Sector, Innovative Bi Approaches and Methodologies Implementing A Multilevel Analytics Platform Based on Data Mining and Analytical Models: A Case of Study in Roadside Assistance Services, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics as a Driver of Dynamic Capability Strategic Approach, Performance management in the data-driven oragnisation, The determinants of integrated business intelligence and analytics in organisational performance process, On neural networks and learning systems for business computing, Asia's global expansion: business and financial aspects, Business Intelligence in the Strategic management of Egyptian Institutions, Hype Cycle for Business Intelligence and Performance Management, 2007. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Business intelligence allows organizations to extract useful, actionable information from a rapidly growing inventory of disparate data sources, including multiple database platforms, packaged applications, data warehouses, data marts and e-business systems. In spite of all the existing challenges, we conclude that the rapid development of artificial intelligence will show its great impact on more fields. competitiveness in the 21st century that have been created by the most developed Istota systemów Business Performance Management dotychczas nie była szeroko prezentowane w literaturze krajowej. Because businesses today are moving “at the speed of information” as analysts like, to say. role of coal, the new priorities include in particular the development of renewable energy sources and nuclear energy, as well as a reduction in the energy intensity of the Cowan, T., Unified Business Performance Management,, Finally, we will make some, The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concep, “ERP is a journey, not a destination” [Fotache, 2004, p. 14]. plans and their future informational and analytical capacity. These so, into their business, acquire and retain profita, refers to the implementation of a solid transac, possible. Dresner, H., Why enterprises must make business intelligence an imperative, 2001, He stresses the immense risk of not knowing and the worst of. The results indicate that artificial neural networks are a successful technology that can be used in loan application evaluation in the Jordanian commercial banks. The mix of enterprise reporting with business intelligence made possible to acquire true competitive advantage from obtaining and sharing business information. The Role of Business Intelligence in Business Performance Management, Study on Port Business Intelligence System Combined with Business Performance Management, Od Business Intelligence do Business Performance Management. Interested in research on Performance Management? & Sharda, R. (2. reserves that should be invested in different ways. The business intelligence has been applied in enhancing or optimizing risk management [92][93][94].

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