Burro is the best independent in Toronto. It features nearly every food group, making it a well-balanced meal (of sorts), and best of all, it's handheld. $6.90 is a fair price to pay for such intense satiation.Structural integrity: The contents of this burrito will not be caged.Hometown hero alert! Fillings: The elongated length of this burrito spreads the ingredients such that it takes three bites to get to the chicken, which is squishy and made me think of tofu.Value: $5 isn't a lot to spend on a burrito, but given how much it buys you at Taco Bell, this doesn't seem like a bargain.Structural integrity: The XXL is like the stretch limo of burritos. Dan Gentile is a food/drink staff writer at Thrillist. Local chain Poquito Mas is known in certain circles for having one of the best straight-up burritos around. The best fast food burritos are those tortilla-wrapped creations from our favorite drive-thru chains and fast-casual restaurants that are the most satiating. Born after a split from Burrito Boyz, this mini-chain with three locations in the city covers all the protein bases, from a variety of meat, poultry and seafood to veggie options. Fillings: The chicken was bland as meh, the roasted veggies included broccoli -- which is just weird -- and the whole thing sweated a weird black beaniness.Value: $7.57 would be a fair price for a seafood burrito, and their one price for all proteins system is definitely generous, even if it didn't favor this particular burrito.Structural integrity: The tortilla was heartier than most, and actually managed to hold together despite all that black bean ooze.I realize that buying a chicken burrito from a joint known for fish tacos is like judging a gun shop on the quality of its hunting knives. And also like most marriages, you're way fatter at the end than you were at the start.Generally I don't trust anything that starts with a "Q" and isn't followed by a "U," but Qdoba has proved my logic seriously flawed. They're onto something with those bowls. An American ex-pat we know claims this is the best chain in London, citing its close rival Chipotle as too salty this side of the pond. Filling: The chicken tastes like you're licking a grill, in a good way. But they are not the only one in the custom burrito game. Some people would argue this is one of the best items on El Pollo Loco's menu. To find out, we visited eight major fast-food and fast-casual chains -- Chipotle, Qdoba, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Wahoo's, Freebirds, Baja Fresh, and the Green Burrito. Freebirds is based in my city of Austin, and I've always had a soft spot for their Monstrous (TM) burritos. So which fast food burrito is the best? Exceptionally long, bullet-proof, and ridden by someone who probably hasn't been very close to the actual border.Choosing one Taco Bell burrito to focus on was tough, but since this is going up against fast-casual heavy hitters like Chipotle, we wanted to give them a fair shot and went with their most impressive-looking option. Vote for your favorite fast food or fast casual burrito then when you're done, head over and vote for the best fast food chicken nuggets and the best fast food breakfast items too! ), and the lettuce was so iceberg-y it made me think of Billy Zane.Value: There will be no flying away from Freebirds. Qdoba, Moe's Southwest Grill, and Baja Fresh all offer similar burritos; but with an estimated 750,000 customers per day, Chipotle is easily the most popular. The garlicky green sauce that came with it was a nice touch, though. The votes have been tabulated, and The Daily Meal is pleased to announce the 15 best Tex-Mex chain restaurants in America. But unlike Love's arms, the rice packs a surprising amount of flavor. Available with a variety of meats, grains, and other toppings, the Chipotle burrito chain might have perfected the modern burrito. On the fast food side, Taco Bell might have the most well known burritos with various options of fillings, but they're definitely not the only one. It'd be easy to sum this up in two words (free guac! to provide a stellar product, but his Green Burrito imprint didn't quite deliver on its promise of an Especial burrito. After another couple bites, the other flavors began to emerge -- but I wasn't very happy that they did. The chain even offers a decent-sized kids menu comprised of a quesadilla, taquitos, platter, or burrito. But they are not the only one in the custom burrito game. The Daily Meal went so far to call this the best burrito in all of Portland. The shrimp burrito is a fan favorite, so give it a try if you’re into seafood. From the shrouded kitchens of fast-food joints to the transparent sneeze guards of fast-casual spots, the world of burritos is rich in both diversity and calories. Sure $2.50 for guac seems outrageous but you're actually getting guac, not some green slop from a bag like other places. Filling options include steak roja, carnitas, chile verde and al pastor, but for vegetarians and carnivores alike, the grilled vegetable burrito is one of the best … The lower half of this burrito fell apart and required an extra trip to the napkin station.The easy favorite in this ranking, Chipotle comes out of the gate strong. Green Burrito, Taco Del Mar, and Del Taco also offer a variety of tasty burritos, perfect for when you don't feel like getting out of the car for your burrito fix. A friend of mine swears that they put sugar in it, which they deny, but is worth noting.Value: $6.50 is a steal for a burrito of this magnitude.Structural integrity: Rolling a Chipotle burrito will change you, but as our humble correspondent learned, not all workers are equally skilled. Though its origins are in Mexico, the burrito quickly became beloved stateside and ranks among the most iconic dishes in America. Has a great burrito and burrito bowl and one of the best quesadillas that I have found in the area.” - … That's what we're ranking here. First observation: this thing is very weirdly shaped. Lolita’s California burrito—featuring French fries, carne asada, sour cream and cheddar cheese—is the most popular choice at this decades-old San Diego mini chain. Seriously, what’s not to love? Their shrimp burrito is a favorite amongst high schoolers, office types on … You will be waddling. Chipotle is the best chain burrito place. Yep, that about sums it up. Where Chipotle lost points is that the parts are actually greater than the whole. Sonic has mastered every part of the breakfast burrito. But the rice, which constitutes so much of the body of this thing, kind of seems like an afterthought, void of much salt or tang.Value: At $6.69, it's on the higher end of the spectrum, but this thing's as dense as a Kardashian.Structural integrity: This thing's packed tight for minimal leakage.The freshness of Baja isn't really being called into question (though watching the workers scoop green stuff out of little sealed tubs in the back didn't instill much confidence in the guac).

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