Additionally, the dowel stick has warped considerably! attachment bolt is pulling a section of the central black veneer along Some folks say to put the neck in a vise and set the drum and dowel down on the dowel using yellow glue and sawdust.I'm not so hot on that method. This works for checking string ht. neck has pulled forward as a result of the high tension of eight strings The action was good on these necks. In what respect...I don't know. For a Vega style dowel stick, the side to side taper is taken equally off of either side, ant the top to bottom taper is taken from the side of the dowel stick that's facing the underside of the head. Neck/Dowel Repair - which are up to about 40 now.Banjo Brad is still hosting "How To Mold A Mighty Pinky" and some other material at: http://www.pricklypearmusic.netA site full of interesting banjo material, Greetings Doc, welcome to the HO! All Rights Reserved. Sit the pot on the neck/dowel stick and make sure the fret plane is correct, and leave it alone to dry overnight. ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS The glue would reset, the two surfaces that the glue bonded would be in a slightly different new relationship, and the neck would stay that way. Stick a basketball inflator needle on the hose.Then drill a 1/8" hole along the dowel stick tenon on the fingerboard side, the top. Then glue in a new stick, finished to match. Then warm the neck, insert the glue and dowel and then put the neck on the drum and apply some pressure to make sure the neck is seated correctly. Once I had the binding glued on, the heel cap looked After having made sure that the pot sits on the dowel stick/neck assembly dry....mix up your glue and dust and put enough of the mixture into the hole that you have to work the dowel as you push it into place, forcing the glue and dust mixture out around the dowel stick and clean off the excess. You might also check sites like Save The Banjos where Timmo49 has some good advice on teakettle methods.Download your free copy of Rocket Science Banjo - the Advanced Method For Beginning to Intermediate Clawhammer Players, at: Along with the full text in PDF you will also find the four current RSB videos and the "25 EZ Clawhammer tunes. We used to use a soldering gun to loosen the glue. Thank you for your thoughts.I don't need to drill the heel. Begin by drawing through the square hole in the pot...onto the end of the heel....and draw a line from corner to corner to locate the center. ebony. Hundreds of quality new and used banjos available. low action. Good luck, let us know know how it goes. Thumbnail Article The Seeger crowd covets the dowel stick models, because they just plain sound better. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link: I lay the whole thing out on the benchbench, letting the peghead droop over the side so I can get some neck angle. It makes those old crappy banjos come alive again. and then when I glue the neck. Then when dry file away the veneer, leaving material where you need it. This is when you can figure out if there are any axis issues to be corrected. Position the neck in the vise, fingerboard up, with the face of the heel square to the top of the vise. Now I can set this one up with a nice tall bridge and They work fine. Do you use tightbond or yellow glue and work while it sets up? Good Luck''Ya gotta get all them tunes in you head'', Dan Pennington - Posted - 01/15/2009:  17:47:06. Banjo Neck Reset: Remove the banjo neck, remove lags, re-angle the neck, reinstall, string and setup. Remove the nozzle and put the stick in a vise. In general, originality is valued more than playability, and in many cases the action can be lowered to acceptable levels by shortening the bridge. In practice it took some farting around to get correct results. BT''Ya gotta get all them tunes in you head'', Edited by - BTuno on 01/14/2009 20:11:33. fingerboard touches the head. Call me st 724-943-4581 and I'll be happy to try and assist you.WyattFrom this discussion: from Minneapolis but in Harlingen, Texas till AprilI heard a voice say, "Cheer up.

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