Search for Apple on Twitter and you’ll find an account with 5.3 million followers and no tweets. The year 2011 saw Tim being named as the new CEO of Apple. While the company does post on Instagram and boasts over 24 million followers, just a small handful of accounts are luckily enough to claim a follow from the brand. Apple has become the world's first $1 trillion company.   He had just left the CEO post at Apart from serving as CEO, Tim is a part of the corporation’s board of directors. Tim Cook's 10 Rules of success. On Oct. 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56. The Greatest Comeback Story Of All Time: How Apple Went From Near Bankruptcy To Billions In 13 Years. We look at the factors behind its success. He took over the post from Steve Jobs, who died in the same year. ... Each success showed Jobs was turning the company around, ... they will latch onto your brand.

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