Our team run a series of websites, and know what works. We know you have to go outside the box; find everything that everyone else is doing, and look beyond that. Looking through Chelsea sites, it’s a barrage of transfer rumours, first team news, and concentrating on the star players – written well that can be great.

But what we don’t find anywhere is the Ladies’ news, following their successful campaigns and the general women’s game rising to prominence, especially after the Women’s World Cup. What we also see lacking in other publications in the coverage of the Academy teams, especially with the introduction of U23s in the EFL Trophy, and the discussion of including these teams in the EFL itself. Chelsea also has a huge loanee networking across Europe and beyond, with really impressive development values emanating from Stamford Bridge.

We therefore aim not just to cover Chelsea as the XI, the first team, the stars; but Chelsea as the company and the banner, for the unders’, the development squads, the ladies, the economics, the business … and so much more. A club is more than the coverage we feel they normally get, and any true fan deserves more; more access, more news, more scope.

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